Sunday, April 10, 2016

Home Decor With You-Nique Style

Your Home is Your Castle

At day's end you hoist the drawbridge and bolt the door, shutting out the flaming arrows and dragons of corporate battlefields yet to be conquered. Whether colossal or compact, it is your personal refuge and retreat, each room an individual fortress of protection, refreshment and nurture.

There Comes a Time...

Castle home decor need not be set in stone. From moat to mezzanine, pantry to privy, every living space in the manor deserves a little decorative Tender Loving Care. Each detail is worthy of attention to ensure the comfort and contentment of m' Lord and Lady.

... and Here Ends the Medieval Metaphor

Though modern homes may incorporate a deliberate theme of Victorian or Antique, any home can fade into 'comfortable slipper' mode with an aura of Vintage Garage Sale. The occasional rare find in weekend back alley bonanzas is often lost amidst the tired but still-serviceable furnishings left over from days of yore.

New Year - New Look

New Years can be any day of your choice: a birthday, anniversary, promotion, or just... because! But where to start?

A Critical Eye will help you see each room as though for the first time. What is its role in your life? Make note of what you like about the room - and what you don't. Write a list of how you use it, how much of your day is spent in it, and what could make it more inviting. Perhaps renovations (windows, lighting etc.)? Or just a few cosmetic paint and wallpaper treatments? Let your imagination explore every nook and cranny for possibilities without (for the moment) any limiting thoughts of cost.

Repeat this process with each room's furnishings, fixtures and decorative touches. Filtering out any sentimental attachments will quickly identify things which have passed their 'best-by' dates. Of remaining items, which ones do you still enjoy? This sorting process prepares the way for 'out with the old - in with the new'.

Magazines offer a wide array of possibilities, with creative modern designs and configurations - along with costs. Again, be objective about what you see; glossy images do not always transplant successfully!

Showhomes offer touch and texture to design, each furniture grouping especially chosen to highlight the design of the home itself. The relationship between size and space is an important consideration when choosing home decor. When every square inch counts, creative storage spaces in home decor are essential along with multi-functional pieces. Spacious rooms invite Big and Bold in furnishings and accents. Regardless of size, comfort need not be sacrificed for practicality.

You now have the basis for a plan, including a budget and time frame. Will you take a deep breath and do everything in one grand sweep? Or one room at a time? Which is the top priority? What will you keep? What will you replace? How much of the work can you do yourself? Where can you cut down on cost? Find the right combination of functionality and style - with a delightful touch of elegance - to reflect your special taste and personality.

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